The North-South Divide at COP27: A Reflection of Privilege

Why are the assessments of the outcome of COP27 so at odds with one another?

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The Cost of Not Living in Europe

Outside the EU’s borders, hundreds of millions of people toil for our prosperity and even fight for our democracy.

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The Colonial Roots of Present Crises

Amitav Ghosh on world events from the Pakistan floods to the war in Ukraine and the challenges ahead for progressives.

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The Untold Story of the Food Crisis

Russia’s war on Ukraine marks a tipping point for a deeply unequal and flawed global food system.

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Barred from the Climate Conversation

How Europe’s visa regime ensures the exclusion of Global South organisers from climate discourse.

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Fair Trade or Feel Good?

The idea that fair trade labels will change the world economy is questionable. Often the main beneficiaries are not farmers in the Global South.

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Where We Mine: Resource Politics in Latin America

The energy transition in the Global North risks being anything but just without structural changes to supply chains and the governance of extractive industries.

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