The EU and China: From Strategic Partners to Systemic Rivals

For foreign policy analysts, the Covid-19 pandemic represents another twist in the winding path of EU-China relations.

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Green Growth and the Right Kind of Innovation

Celebrated economist Mariana Mazzucato argues that the opponents of growth are focused on the wrong target. The real problem is the kind of growth.

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Where is China Heading on Climate?

China’s projected image of ambitious climate actor is contradicted by fossil fuel investments abroad and its prioritisation of economic growth.

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A Green Deal for a Geopolitical Age

The European Green Deal is being pursued as an economic matter. In a geopolitical world, it needs to be geopoliticised.

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Investing in the Future: Why Europe Needs a Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is a vision for social and environmental transformation. What would it mean to have one in Europe?

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Carbon Markets Are the Shortest Path to a Green New Deal

Longstanding problems with EU climate policy have been overcome and real money is on the table for the transition. The question is will it be enough.

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Dragging Finance Out of the Fossil Age

We sat down with Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP and economist, to discuss the EU’s sustainable finance package, alternatives to the current banking model and the role of speculation in Brexit.

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The Privatisation of the Green Investment Bank: Short-Term Gains for Long-Term Losses

The Green Investment Bank was the first of its kind in the UK – what is it & what is the significance of its sell off?

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The Divestment Movement: a Climate Policy Game Changer?

Where does the key to the divestment movement’s success lie? And how much does the success of COP 22 depend on divestment?

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