Piketty’s Missing Ecological Link

While providing valuable insights about the development of our economic system over time, Thomas Piketty’s work on capital suffers from a critical flaw: like so many economic frameworks, it ignores the limits of the finite resources of our planet – the fact that our ecological capital is rapidly running out. A new unit of measurement which takes this into account is urgently needed.

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Naomi Klein’s Lessons for the Green Movement

If the Green movement is to change the status quo, it will have to change too. The interrelationship between the plundering of the earth and the exploitation of people requires a much more principled and more consistent struggle against the capitalist system than we have seen in recent decades.

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The EU’s Fifth Project – Transitional Governance in the Service of Sustainable Societies

The European Union can find a democratic revival by supporting social innovation and by extension contribute significantly to the ecological transition. That is the primary conclusion of the framing paper that was just published by Professor Olivier De Schutter in preparation for the Francqui International Conference that will take place on May 8-9th, 2014 in Brussels.

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“This Long, Slow-Burning Fuse”

By what laws of criminal justice does the Maldivian peasant claim redress for a home washed away into the Indian Ocean? To whom does the Brazilian smallholder farmer appeal when her crops fail to grow? A Review of Peter Christoff and Robyn Eckersley’s Globalization and the Environment.

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“Is Europe Failing?”: thoughts on Joschka Fischer’s new book

Joschka Fischer’s new book, ‘Is Europe Failing?’ does not offer armour-plated solutions. Nevertheless, as well as its sharp analysis of the causes of the current European problems, it proposes a framework for resolving them. In any case, the book is an essential reading – beginning with the electric shock of seeing such an ardent supporter of the construction of a united Europe sounding such a loud alarm.

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On Klein’s ‘This Changes Everything’: the need for serious thought on capitalism and climate

While an excellent book, we need to look further than simply saying ‘social movements are the only answer’ if we are to develop effective movements that create change. The need for social movement mobilisation too easily becomes a slogan rather than a nuanced solution. We can both praise and look deeper than Klein’s ‘This Changes Everything’.

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“Europe Is Us”

“L’Europe, C’est Nous” (Europe is Us), by Edouard Gaudot and Benjamin Joyeux, invites us to consider the “real Europe” – a daily reality made up of exchanges, networks, mobility and cultural dialogue – in the face of huge challenges. The worrying results of the May elections mean we must look beyond the present and, above all, not despair. A review by Pierre Jonckheer.

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Ecolo, Democracy as a Project

Long perceived and portrayed as a party unlike the others, Ecolo has succeeded in becoming one of French-speaking Belgium’s four ‘big’ parties in just 30 years. But today, many struggle to grasp what distinguishes the Green party since so many others have adopted the theme of sustainable development. A review of ‘Ecolo, Democracy as a Project’ by Benoit Lechat.

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Do We Need a Green Republicanism?

Are Greens republicans who ignore that they are republicans? And if so, what consequences may that have for their political doctrines?

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Thinking Beyond Capitalism with André Gorz

While we “miserably await a future, which restores the past”, we should “break with this dying society never to be reborn”. Such was the certitude of philosopher André Gorz, who passed away just five years ago.

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