Accession and the Meaning of European Citizenship

EU enlargement means extending European citizenship as well as its borders. What might be the impact of the ongoing accession talks?

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Past the Point of No Return? The Future of Social Democracy in Europe

Left-wing parties seem to be experiencing mixed fortunes across Europe – but is the overall trend one of irreversible decline?

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“Sanctioning oil and gas will become critical”: What the War in Ukraine Means for the EU

The invasion of Ukraine looks set to mark a turning point for EU policy on energy, defence, and security.

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The Crossroads Before Us: Neoimperialism or European Unity

Will neoimperialism dominate the 21st century or will a free, democratic and united Europe emerge?

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Russia’s Partnership with China is the Sign of a New World

Since Russia has been looking east to lessen its dependence on the West, how much will EU and US sanctions hurt?

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Why the EU Needs to Rethink its Approach to Technology

The EU is often playing catchup with the rapidly evolving world of tech, ignoring its grave geopolitical implications.

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Peer Pressure: The Forces Steering Portugal Down a Greener Path

Inês de Sousa Real explains how unemployment, corruption, and short-sighted policies are holding Portugal back from a greener future.

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A Fairer, Greener Scotland

A historic government agreement offers the Scottish Greens the potential to influence Scotland’s future.

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The People’s Parliament: A Home for European Democracy

The European Parliament bears the responsibility for nurturing the development of a truly trans-European citizenry.

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The Conference on the Future of Europe: Sparking Hope for EU Democracy?

The Conference on the Future of Europe can kickstart the constitutional development of the EU if citizens are heard.

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