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Turkey: Elections in a Fake News Climate

Analysis of the run-up to the June 24 elections in Turkey in a media landscape plagued by repression of dissent, fake news, and suspicion from all sides.

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Turkish Policy in Syria: What’s at stake for Europe?

Turkey’s crucial position in relation to IS and Syria requires Europe to improve its policy towards the country.

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“We Cannot Support Violence of Any Kind” – The Challenge of Doing Politics in the Midst of Conflict

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), a coalition of Left-wing, Kurdish and progressive parties, was founded in in 2012 in order to help smaller parties amplify their voices and gain access to the Turkish Parliament, where the electoral system stacks the odds strongly against them. In both the 2014 and subsequently recalled 2015 parliamentary elections, the party succeeded in winning over 10% of the vote, the necessary threshold for entering Parliament.

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Molenbeek: European Capital of Jihadism?

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, the international spotlight has been on Belgium as an alleged breeding ground for radical Islam.

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Europe Must Urgently Make the Link Between Climate Change and Migration

The response of the EU to the arrival ‘en masse’ of refugees in need of a safe haven has left much to be desired, and some leaders have used the issue of security threats as an excuse to avoid taking up their responsibilities to provide humanitarian assistance. But until European leaders and citizens join the dots between the complex but interlinked issues of migration and climate change, a secure environment will remain out of reach for all of us. An interview with Bodil Valero, Green MEP for Sweden.

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“It is a catastrophe” – Interview with Ska Keller on the EU’s Refugee Policies

This year, hundreds of thousands of refugees have entered the EU in the hope of a new life and a safer future for themselves and their families. However, instead of welcoming them, European politicians are trying to keep them out EU territory, or at least away from their own countries.

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Supporting self-protection – Not ‘if’ but ‘how’

The numbers of deaths in Syria and Iraq are deeply disturbing. But the numbers create the false impression that civilians are merely victims of violent conflict, passively waiting to be overwhelmed by violence or exhaustion.

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Belgian Repressed Memories

Our understanding of our great history is compiled not only through our reading but also through the recounting of family stories. The commemoration of 1914 offers us the opportunity to reflect on the war, on the possibility for forgiveness, and on our responsibilities in the present.

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