Ukraine’s Economic Chains

Economic historian Nazar Gorin looks at how the long history of Russian colonialism shaped Ukraine’s development. For centuries, the country’s wealth and resources were extracted for the benefit of Russian power and alternative development paths were foreclosed.

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Where We Mine: Resource Politics in Latin America

The energy transition in the Global North risks being anything but just without structural changes to supply chains and the governance of extractive industries.

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Cosmic Bonanza – Mining in Outer Space

As some of Earth’s resources risk being depleted, could outer space become a source of raw materials in the future?

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The Divestment Movement: a Climate Policy Game Changer?

Where does the key to the divestment movement’s success lie? And how much does the success of COP 22 depend on divestment?

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Gold’s Hidden Climate Footprint

The case of the small village of Trun in Bulgaria – threatened by a new gold-mining project – is a stark illustration of how the interests of biodiversity, nature and ordinary people living in the area can simply be dismissed. A proliferation of such projects could have a serious impact on the ecology of the entire region, as well as contributing to a global impact on the climate.

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The Ocean: From Colonised Territory to Global Nation

The approach of European states to the surrounding waters has so far been inscribed in a logic of colonisation and conquering new territories in the name of national interest.

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Warding Off the curse of Raw Materials

In developing countries raw materials more often lead to inequality and conflict rather than prosperity and peace. But for most countries leaving the riches in the soil is not an option. What is needed for the fair mining of natural riches?

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There is no Planet B

International environmental policies focus on safeguarding renewable natural resources. Little attention, however, is paid, to the much more difficult problem of non-renewable natural resources, such as metallic ores and phosphate. A survey of the dilemmas.

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Like Stepping Stones in a River: How Renewables Can Help us Win the Climate Battle

The much anticipated Paris Climate Summit is only weeks away. Although there are many obstacles to securing a binding agreement in Paris, Green MEP Claude Turmes feels there are reasons for optimism, such as the changes taking place at the local and regional levels towards an energy transition. Now Europe has to be brave and show real leadership on technology and renewables.

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The Last Village Standing: The Story of Lerissos

On Greece’s Halkidiki peninsula, in the North-East of the country, a monumental battle is taking place. The town of Ierissos and its inhabitants have become emblematic of this struggle, by taking a stand against an immensely powerful opponent. That opponent is Eldorado Gold.

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