“We were close to a political tipping point” – Interview with George Monbiot

Livestock farming is one of humanity’s most destructive activities to the environment. Yet when measures to protect biodiversity and combat climate change are discussed, addressing this is rarely high on the political agenda. George Monbiot calls for decisive policy responses and mass mobilisation to change the way we produce and consume our food. We spoke with him about his new book Regenesis, the right moments for change, the current state of climate activism, and the threats posed by right-wing politics.

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Alternatives to a Broken Food System

In this conversation, Priscilla Claeys and Benoît Biteau discuss how sustainable local food systems can protect food security globally.

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The Doughnut Model for a Fairer, Greener Amsterdam

As Brussels prepares to reform its economy on the basis of the doughnut model, Amsterdam is already taking the leap with its circular economy strategy.

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System Overhaul: Making Food Sustainable

The IPES-Food co-chair discusses CAP reform, agroecology, and how only an overhaul of the food system will make it sustainable.

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A Food Policy for Europe

Instead of policy which pulls in different directions, Europe needs an integrated food policy that supports more local attempts at a sustainable and productive food system.

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Working with Nature or Against it?

The debate around glyphosate goes beyond whether it’s carcinogenic or not – it challenges our whole model of agriculture, but there is an alternative.

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Food Production in Europe: Time to Look Ahead

Food policy isn’t working. Does the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) address the problems, or can agroecology provide the answers?

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Why Farmers Still Struggle When Food Prices Rise

One of the major drivers of change in the agricultural sector has been fluctuations in the price of different commodities. For developing countries, such changes have had a disastrous impact and urgent steps need to be taken to return their agricultural sectors to a sustainable footing.

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