What’s wrong with Green populism?

With hard-right parties on the rise across Europe, Greens can learn from this recent surge in ‘populism’ by developing a positive and inclusive conception of the term. A Grand Narrative about a ‘Europe of hearts’ can speak to people directly and produce a different kind of patriotism to that of the nationalists: Europatriotism.

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Green Party presence in Swedish government welcomed all the same

Greens are now in government in Sweden for the first time in the party’s 33-year-long history, yet the electoral result was regarded as disappointing. In light of the rise of xenophobic populists and a difficult political climate, it remains to be seen how Greens will fare in the new coalition.

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Swedish election results: disappointment and victory?

The national elections in Sweden on September 14th, 2014, were a victory for the parties at the fringes, with the Feminist Initiative and the far-right Sweden Democrats both witnessing a surge in support, while the parties in government lost out. For the Greens it was a mixed outcome – disappointing results overall, yet also bringing a chance to enter the government for the first time.

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Green, left, growing – lessons from the Greens in England and Wales

‘Neither left nor right, but forward’ has been a semi-official motto of many Green Parties across Europe since their inception in the 1960s and ‘70s. But as the Green Party of England & Wales’ (GPEW) Autumn Conference drew to a close this weekend, the party appears to be maintaining or indeed continuing its leftward drive. The implications could be interesting both for Britain and for Green Parties elsewhere.

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A Speech by Beniot Lechat

The following text was the basis for a speech to be delivered at the Summer University of the French Green party Europe Ecologie – Les Verts in Bordeaux in August 2014.

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Ecolo, Democracy as a Project

Long perceived and portrayed as a party unlike the others, Ecolo has succeeded in becoming one of French-speaking Belgium’s four ‘big’ parties in just 30 years. But today, many struggle to grasp what distinguishes the Green party since so many others have adopted the theme of sustainable development. A review of ‘Ecolo, Democracy as a Project’ by Benoit Lechat.

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Giving Streets, and Power, to the People

A referendum to pedestrianise a street in Vienna, though successful, forced to Greens to examine their narrative for creating a greener city. How do they build support among those who are still suspicious of what a green transformation can offer?

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How to Elect a Green Mayor

Against the tide of right and far-right success in the French local elections, the Greens scored a big win in the race for Mayor of Grenoble. In doing so, they created a new and vibrant alternative to the left of the Socialists. What can we learn from this?

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Greens and Pirates: in Search of a New Majority for the Commons?

Once you make a commons together, you can have different political visions, but what you share is this desire to construct and protect the commons. Interview with Michel Bauwens, theorist and activist, co-founder of the Peer-to-Peer Foundation.

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Politics Needs to Innovate to be Relevant

Citizens are demanding more direct democracy, something that the political parties are resisting. However the economic crisis has changed everything and made the status quo no longer sustainable. In its wake, a number of new movements are challenging how political decisions are being made.

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