The Ocean: From Colonised Territory to Global Nation

The approach of European states to the surrounding waters has so far been inscribed in a logic of colonisation and conquering new territories in the name of national interest.

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The Liberal Roots of Polish Conservatism

The recent elections in Poland show some startling trends. A narrowing of the political landscape has all but eliminated progressive voices from the Left, and the principles of solidarity and social justice, which once defined political struggle in Poland, seem to have been discarded in favour of strict individualism.

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Invisibility, Globalisation and the Limits of the Political Language

In what kind of world does the political artist work? Sociologist Saskia Sassen spoke at the first Life Hack of the art project Hacking Habitat. Her theme for the evening: invisibility. This concept was explored in connection to a range of ideas including expulsion, complexity and violence in the global economy.

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‘Social Housing, Not Social Cleansing’ – The Case of the Focus E15 Mums

The UK faces a housing crisis. It is this crisis, and the growing number of evictions that are mobilising people to campaign on housing. A group of young mothers fights back with direct action.

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The Most Recent Greek Paradox: The country’s sole ally in Europe? Angela Merkel.
 A Green Jaunt through the Tsipras Government

It was just the four of us: all women, Mediterranean, and “differently green.” The purpose of our trip was to better understand the inner workings of the newly elected Greek government, and to see how the Greek Greens were faring as junior partner in the Syriza government.

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The Right Way is Forward: Democracy in Serbia

In Serbia, there is an increasing sense among many citizens that prior to democracy citizens life was better and people felt more secure. Apart from certain minimum standards such as holding elections, democracy in Serbia still has a long way to go. Now the question is, should we so easily give up on our hard-won freedom?

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The Free Trade Fairytale

TTIP and the other bilateral agreements of its kind are part of a political power struggle about influence and profits. But who are the players and the main winners in the distribution poker? A historical analysis demonstrates that, when transparency and reliable information are absent, citizens are usually the ones who lose out.

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Pacifism, Non-Violence and International Law – Green Parties and the Use of Force

Traditional theoretical approaches to conflicts are inoperative.

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Brazil: the EU’s Undervalued Partner

In spite of the similarities between their constitutional and social welfare institutions, Brazil receives little consideration from the EU as a mediator between the global North and the global South. It is time for a re-think.

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The green line in welfare politics

Green parties face major challenges ahead. How can we finance welfare in the future? How do we strengthen the third sector and the public sector in many countries? How do we find ways to regulate the private welfare market? How much of the wealth can be managed by non-profit organisations or volunteer work (the church or the family?) These are among the questions that are discussed in a new report by GEF and its partners.

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