Nigeria as a “Climate Hotspot”

Nathan Awuapila outlines the effects and challenges climate change is creating in Nigeria.

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A Fair Share: Reclaiming the Commons with Basic Income

Drawing on the experience of the Alaskan oil fund, this interview unpicks the links between basic income and ecological sustainability.

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Dirty Rare Metals: Digging Deeper into the Energy Transition

While green tech promises to save the planet through connectivity, the digital economy’s material demands are increasingly unsustainable.

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The (Sustainable) Energy of Despair: A Review of Guillaume Pitron’s Book

Despite optimistic belief, technology is no panacea for Earth’s crisis. A review of Guillaume Pitron’s The Rare Metals War.

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Taking Back Ownership – Transforming Capital into Commons

What are the different ways resources can be managed and what different outcomes does it lead to?

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Gold’s Hidden Climate Footprint

The case of the small village of Trun in Bulgaria – threatened by a new gold-mining project – is a stark illustration of how the interests of biodiversity, nature and ordinary people living in the area can simply be dismissed. A proliferation of such projects could have a serious impact on the ecology of the entire region, as well as contributing to a global impact on the climate.

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There is no Planet B

International environmental policies focus on safeguarding renewable natural resources. Little attention, however, is paid, to the much more difficult problem of non-renewable natural resources, such as metallic ores and phosphate. A survey of the dilemmas.

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Black Tradition, Green Future

Greens need to forge a broad alliance against neoliberalism with some unexpected allies, such as the coal miners. Ahead of COP 19 which takes place this year in Warsaw, Poland how can the green movement in Poland move forward?

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The Energiewende – the Result of a Powerful Mass Movement from Below

Fifteen years ago, the liberalisation of the energy market and passage of the Renewable Energy Resources Act turned Germany’s energy market on its head.

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Sustainable Agriculture as a Path to Prosperity for the Western Balkans

There is potential for organic agriculture in the Western Balkans.

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