Will the European Just Transition Fund Deliver on Its Promise to Workers?

A look at the EU’s key mechanism for cushioning workers against adverse impacts of climate policies.

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No Country for Young People

Anna Toniolo looks at the political consequences of the precarity and unaffordable expenses faced by young people in Italy.

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Can the Green Transition Solve Spain’s Educational Paradox?

Cristina Suárez Vega on whether vocational education in emerging green sectors can help Spain’s young people escape stubbornly high unemployment.

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Will Covid-19 Leave a Permanent Scar on Young People’s Futures?

A year and a half after the onset of the pandemic, young people are reflecting on the impact it has had on their lives.

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Guaranteeing the Right to Decent Work

The job guarantee is an ambitious proposal that aims to ensure everyone in society has access to fairly waged, decent work.

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For an Ecological Transition Income

Could a proposal to get people actively involved in the green transition trump the basic income?

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Job-Robbing Robots

The impact of robotisation and artificial intelligence on jobs and work will be huge, so why are politicians not talking about it, let alone planning for it? An interview with Tiffany Blandin by Benjamin Joyeux.

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System Failure: Social and Economic (in)Security in Europe

Why is the spectre of social (in)security haunting Europe despite it being richer than ever before?

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Flawed but Worth it: The Finnish Basic Income Experiment

Finland has just launched a basic income experiment. How is it different to other models. A critical yet hopeful look at its design & purpose.

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The Only Mobility is Downward Mobility – How the Far Right Exploits Societies’ Deepest Fears

The left is ideologically exhausted. But this is just as true for the right, no matter where you’re looking, whether it’s at the buzzwords of the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria), at UKIP, the Front National or the radical-primitive opposition of the Tea Party in the United States.

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