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Emigration and Opportunities Denied in Portugal

In Portugal, emigration worsens the problems caused by austerity. A recent study documents its dramatic consequences on the demography of the country. As a result of the current trend, the Portuguese population, currently estimated at 10.4 million people, could decrease to 7 million by 2061.

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Migrants Must Become Eco-citizens of the World

France’s experience with immigration teaches us that unless we provide real equality, including political and social rights, we will always struggle as a society to cope with our changing demographics. For this to happen, we need to step out of our national context and see this as an issue that needs European level and global attention. This includes looking at environmental and social problems from a global perspective.

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Integration of Migrants – Ideas and Perspectives from Hungary

Hungary has become an interesting test case for integration and migration policies especially with regard to co-ethnic immigration (those of Hungarian descent born in other countries) and of course the migration of people from other EU countries. This complex relationship is not without lessons on exclusion and inclusion.

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