Is Degrowth the Future?

A new book exploring the origins, sub-currents, and evolution of degrowth, as well as the solutions it offers for the future.

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How We Can Make Employment Work for Everyone

As the economic growth that has driven prosperity slows, we need a new concept of well-being independent of labour market conditions.

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Alexander Langer’s Case for an Ecological Conversion

What his philosophy and politics have to offer on the European Green Deal and its promise of a just transition.

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Degrowth Is About Global Justice

Jason Hickel argues that only degrowth can steer the world away from its worsening ecological crisis. We sat down with him to discuss his new book and ask what degrowth would mean for relations between the Global North and South.

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Democracy, Degrowth, and the Politics of Limits

Democracy has always been a core principle of the many shades of green politics. We explore the intellectual roots of degrowth theories in democracy.

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Beyond the Growth Imperative

What does environmental economist Tim Jackson’s latest book, Post Growth, have to say about breaking the growth chokehold?

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Where the Pandemic Leaves the Climate Movement

In this panel interview, three scholars debate how the pandemic has shifted the ground for the green transition.

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Green Growth and the Right Kind of Innovation

Celebrated economist Mariana Mazzucato argues that the opponents of growth are focused on the wrong target. The real problem is the kind of growth.

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Hooked on Growth: Rewiring Institutions for Wellbeing

A new policy paradigm needs to emerge that is capable of thinking broadly and ecologically about wellbeing, sustainability, and justice.

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Questioning Our Limits to Leave Scarcity Behind

Rather than insisting on external limits, environmentalists should call for society to make its own.

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