Where Next for Spain’s Regions?

For Spain, addressing regional tensions could go hand in hand with effective ecological transition that creates space for multiple identities to thrive.

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Poland’s Futures: A View from the Countryside

Poland’s cities are emptying as those who can move out for the peace and quiet of a country life. What does a strained relationship between city and country spell for Poland’s future?

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From Corsica to Scotland: Autonomy in Europe as the Progressive Alternative

In overlooked parts of Europe, nationalism or regionalism is the basis for a progressive politics looking beyond the status quo.

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The New Urban Crisis: Beyond the Superstar City

Richard Florida’s critical assessment of inequality within and between cities diagnoses the problem, but fails to offer real answers.

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The Missing Link: Reconnecting the EU with its Citizens Through Renewables

For Europe to successfully transition to renewables, reforms must empower energy actors on the local level.

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Perfect Complements: Is Regionalism the Way Forward for Europe?

There is a kind of nationalism in Europe that is not only progressive, but has the potential to reinforce European integration.

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After Scotland decides: build citizen-centred democracy throughout Britain

The debate around the referendum on Scottish independence has highlighted serious flaws in the current system of representation which many feel alienated from. Regardless of the outcome, the vote has presented an opportunity for far-reaching democratic reforms that would empower citizens.

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Catalonia Wants to Decide

Catalonia is a region with its own distinct culture and language and has long been seeking greater political autonomy. With opinion polls now showing a large majority of Catalans support self-government, and with the rise of other independence movements around Europe, pressure is mounting on Spain to deliver reform.

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Spain: the European Elections from a Green Perspective

The Green Party in the European Parliament is set to count more than one MEP from Spain. In addition, Spain will be the southern European country with the most representatives in the Greens/EFA parliamentary group. This is good news, but there is still a long way to go to gather electoral support on the same scale as Greens in some other European countries.

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Flanders: a Region in Search of Itself

In 2010 the Flemish nationalists became the largest party in the Belgian Federal Parliament for the first time. Does the rise in electoral support for the N-VA herald the end of the state of Belgium or can the country continue to adapt?

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